Jahnay the Artist is a musical and visual artist from Houston, Texas based out of Phoenix, Arizona, heavily inspired by Chance the Rapper, Earthgang, and Lil Wayne (Carter 4 and before era).  She strives for listeners to connect with her music/art to have fun, heal, and discuss pressing issues such as struggles with mental health, relationships, and more. 

What is Everyday Weirdo?

 It is an extension of Jahnay the Artist a creative expression to claim your "weirdness." Wear your weirdo flag with pride and let the world know who you are as you are. 

  The Everyday Weirdo is me, but it is also you. There was no room inside of the box, so this brand was created for those who never fit in. The Everyday Weirdos are the nerds, the lonely, the creatives, and anyone who needs to know being yourself is more important than shoving yourself in a box.

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